The Uncut Gems Podcast – Episode 29 (The Frighteners)

I have to say – and I know I tend to say this quite often – but this episode of the show turned out to be particularly interesting as we discussed Peter Jackson’s The Frighteners.

Now, this is again a film I have had a bit of a history with as I had seen it originally in the cinema at a the ripe age of (just about) twelve. But only after this particular re-watch I clued into how important a milestone it must have been for Peter Jackson’s career, as it was a de facto Hollywood debut for him. As such, it is now an artistic bridge between his roots in splatter horror and what he has since become most well-known for – grand scale epics underpinned by audacious special effects. What is more, over the course of our discussion my appreciation of The Frighteners grew considerably as well as I had the necessary time and feedback to position the multitude of references found in the film, analyze its jarring tone and find greatness in the many bits of nuance left behind the filmmakers for fans to chew on. It is a one-of-a-kind estuary of inspirations raging from Jackson’s own roots to Poltergeist, Tim Burton, Sam Raimi and Joe Dante, all tempered with Bob Zemeckis’ own producer-level influence that cannot and should not be easily put back on the shelf. The Frighteners is a movie that not only deserves to be watched and remembered, but most of all talked about. And I hope we did it justice.

Tune in and enjoy!

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