Top 10 Articles I Wrote in 2021

Since we are still within the narrow window of opportunity to look back upon 2021, I imagined it would be a good idea to – in addition to counting down my favourite films, a task at which I may have failed – examine how far I have come (it at all) in my journey as a self-taught writer and a self-confessed cinepreacher. Therefore, I thought I’d share the top 10 articles I wrote last year I am most proud of.

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Drawing a line under 2020

Many months ago I thought of what I honestly believed at the time to be the coolest title for an end-of-year article: ‘2020 – the year cinema stood still’. This was roughly when the entirety of the Western civilization was living through a wave of national lockdowns that had us sit on our asses, pretend to work from home while we are schooling are children and attempt to rationalize what was happening to the world. And let’s just say that a lot has changed since then.

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