Uncut Gems Podcast (April 2023 Round-Up)

April over at Uncut Gems Podcast ended up quite busy, as on the main show alone we managed to talk about seven movies. With everything we recorded for our Patreon, the number of movies we crossed off the list grew to ten. Here they are.

As it is now tradition, we began the month’s proceedings by checking in at the Soderbergh Hotel. This time we ended up breaking with chronology of film releases, partially dictated by the logistics of splitting those recordings into more or less consistent deep cut-shallow cut pairings. Therefore, on the main show – as the deep cut instalment – we spoke about a trio of movies: Full Frontal, Bubble and an anthology movie Eros, for which Soderbergh contributed a vignette together with Michelangelo Antonioni and Wong Kar Wai. We paired this conversation with a bonus recording on Traffic, the Oscar-winning epic on drugs, parenting and the American Dream.

Episode 115 (Full Frontal, Eros, Bubble) (Soderbergh Deep Cut)

Soderbergh Shallow Cut 04 (Traffic) (full episode on Patreon)

Indirectly carrying over from the previous month, which we ended by talking about The Crow, we decided to devote April to 90s Superheroes. To this end with chose to talk about a quartet of movies that for one reason or another have been either forgotten or maligned. And we tied into this series with a bonus conversation on Tim Burton’s Batman, without which the 90s superhero craze would have never precipitated.

Episode 116 (Darkman)

Episode 117 (The Shadow and The Phantom)

Episode 118 (The Rocketeer)

Bonus Tie-in 20 (Batman) (full episode on Patreon)

Finally, we advanced our 2023 John Cassavetes Marathon with a nuanced and rich conversation about Faces, Cassavetes moving back to indie filmmaking, midlife crises and more.

John Cassavetes Marathon 04 (Faces) (full episode on Patreon)


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