Uncut Gems Podcast (February 2023 Round-Up)

As we are about to close the books on February 2023, the time has also come to have a bit of a look back and summarize all of the many recording efforts we have made over at the Uncut Gems Podcast.

As per the newly established tradition, meant to last us until this time next year, we opened the month by stopping over at the Soderbergh Station. We squeezed out two really amazing conversations about some of the man’s less appreciated works he completed in the early-to-mid 90s. Over on the Patreon we talked about King of the Hill, his Spielbergian coming-of-age story, while on the main show we pulled off a double-header about The Underneath, a neo-noir Soderbergh wishes he could forget directing (perhaps against his better judgment), and Schizopolis, a Lester-esque festival of absurdities that had us in stitches.

Soderbergh Shallow Cut 02 (King of the Hill) (full episode on Patreon)

Episode 106 (The Underneath and Schizopolis) (Soderbergh Deep Cut)

The main theme for February we chose as our cross to bear tied into the ongoing Oscar race in that we decided to pick three sequels to Best Picture winners and have a close look at them. Therefore, we spoke about They Call Me MISTER Tibbs!, a sequel to the 1967 In The Heat of the Night (which we also used as a Bonus Tie-in available on our Patreon), French Connection II and The Evening Star, the 1996 sequel to Terms of Endearment.

Episode 107 (They Call Me MISTER Tibbs!)

Episode 108 (French Connection II)

Episode 109 (The Evening Star)

Bonus Tie-in 18 (In the Heat of the Night) (full episode on Patreon)

Finally, we capped off the month by checking in with our 2023 John Cassavetes Marathon, as we discussed his sophomore feature, Too Late Blues, the idea of an indie filmmaker heading to Hollywood, authenticity versus phoniness, and a crisis of masculinity, among other things.

John Cassavetes Marathon 02 (Too Late Blues) (full episode on Patreon)


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