The Uncut Gems Podcast – Episode 34 (The Hunger and The Addiction)

Having done this show thirty-four times now, I think you wouldn’t be wrong to assume that certain filmmakers tend to come back more often than others. In fact, by virtue of having a rough idea of what we are going to cover in the coming months I can tell this is definitely the case. And can you honestly blame us for repeatedly returning to talk about Tony Scott movies?

In any case, on top of all the films of his we have thus far handled on the show and on a bonus Patreon episode, we have once more decided to come back to good old Tony Scott and had a go at his directorial debut, The Hunger, and paired it with Abel Ferrara’s The Addiction. Interestingly, in addition to the obvious vampire connection between these films, we hopefully found much more connective tissue to analyze and pore over. We did have a few giggles at the expense of Scott’s fabric-heavy music video aesthetic he carried into his early work, but we mostly tried to talk about what is underneath these movies and how they use these archetypal ideas to talk about immortality, drug abuse, exploitability of feelings, asymmetric power dynamics and more. And although I think at this point it won’t be a surprise for you to see another Tony Scott film discussed on the show, I can promise you that Abel Ferrara is likely to become a recurring auteur because his movies facilitate fascinating discussions. Like this one.

Tune in and enjoy!

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