The Uncut Gems Podcast – Episode 25 (Joy Ride and Unhinged)

If you’ve ever bothered to listen to the show, you will know that we clearly don’t set any time constraints, unlike the absolute vast majority of podcasts out there. I know there’s a bajillion think pieces about making a successful show, just as there’s an even larger amount of ‘great advice’ aimed at creating a stunning blog and attracting traffic of comparable volume to the M25 on a Friday afternoon before a Bank Holiday weekend.

But I don’t care. As you might have noticed already, this isn’t a business for me. This isn’t a career. I get together with my friends to talk about movies and I run a small website to have an outlet for my unfiltered opinions. That is it. I am not interested in SEOs, keywords, USPs and all that crap. I really am not. Therefore, I don’t mind if we record a nearly five-hour conversation about mother! (which we did), just as much as I don’t care if we exhaust ourselves in 59 minutes on Krull (which we also did). Therefore, I wasn’t exactly surprised that we ended up breaking our own record on this last recording when we talked about Joy Ride and Unhinged, especially because double bills tend to be a bit longer already. But be not afraid; even though the length of this podcast might be at the very least intimidating to some, especially if you are accustomed to more mainstream shows that shit and get off the pot in 60 minutes or less, it ended up one of my favourite recordings thus far. We dived rather deep into both movies, examined their influences and their own relationship, talked about Paul Walker as a leading man, the idea of the character actor becoming extinct, the idea of shunning and respecting genre expectations, the social commentary embedded in at least one of the films, body shaming, Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg and quite a bit more.


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