The Uncut Gems Podcast – Episode 21 (The Cannonball Run)

In this episode of our show we continued our little series of high-octane adrenaline-infused journey through American cinema. In fact, I shall have you know we still have a good handful of episodes to blow through in this series and I can promise you things will get wild. Not that this episode was not wild enough, because it most assuredly was. After all, how can one even discuss The Cannonball Run in a tame way?

In any case, we sat down to discuss this 1981 oddity that grew to become a much bigger success than anyone could have ever predicted. On top of that, the film also became a widely loved cult classic, so we decided it was a good idea to interrogate these claims and see what The Cannonball Run was really made of. At this point I don’t want to spoil what I thought about the movie (and its sequel which I ended up buying as well), but I shall divulge that the conversation we ended up having was quite unexpectedly vivid and raucous. We talked about the film’s weird comedic timing, its overall tone, cultural references embedded within and – naturally – its energy some of us took much better than others.


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