The Uncut Gems Podcast – Episode 20 (Runaway Train and Unstoppable)

In the last episode of The Uncut Gems Podcast we took a train to Adrenalinetown and talked about Andrey Konchalovsky’s Runaway Train as well as Tony Scott’s Unstoppable. I think I shall spare you any more train puns even though I have a whole bunch of them ready to leave the station… Ok, I’ll stop.

At this point we are twenty episodes into this journey and I have been honestly scratching myself as to how the time flew right by. It only goes to show (and I can only speak for myself but I hope the rest of the gang agrees) that we are having lots of fun talking about these movies that are ever so slightly off the beaten track. I admit, some are difficult to love and some are downright terrible, but at least from where I am sitting, it is the conversation that matters. And as time went on our chats have become ever more engaging, enlightening and thrilling. And this one is no exception. We had an absolute blast talking about these two train movies, Akira Kurosawa’s involvement in Runaway Train, Jon Voight’s divisive character work, Unstoppable as a Greatest Hits album and a swan song in Tony Scott’s illustrious career, tragically cut short by his death, and much much more. So tune in and board the train… Ok, I promised I’d stop. Anyway, I hope you have as much fun listening to our ramblings as we had uttering them.


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