The Uncut Gems Podcast – Episode 45 (Equilibrium)

“Circling the Matrix” marathon continues on the show as we shift our weight a bit and – instead of a movie that may have inspired The Matrix – talk about a movie whose existence is partially (if not wholly) owed to the success of The Wachowskis’ breakout hit, namely Equilibrium.

I’ll be perfectly honest here, this was one of those rare occasions where I had way more fun watching a movie than I ever thought I would. Even though I am quite certain I had seen it before, I don’t think I remembered a single thing about Equilibrium, with the exception of the obvious like gun kata, long dark coats and a vague recollection of a dystopian setting. Naturally, I don’t think I’ll ever consider this movie a masterpiece, but it’s such a fun ride full of references to books I read in my formative years and subtle nods to films a genre piece of this calibre would have normally no business nodding to. It’s such a fascinating specimen that is equally earnest as it is performatively edgy and it also harbours a few winks to the resident fan of the cinema of John Woo.

Tune in and enjoy!

And of course, look out for more of the upcoming episodes in the “Circling The Matrix” series, which will conclude in just before Christmas with a big Patreon-exclusive episode as well!

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