The Uncut Gems Podcast – Episode 42 (Jupiter Ascending)

In this episode we started the “Circling The Matrix” series in earnest by discussing the last feature the Wachowskis directed together, namely Jupiter Ascending.

Now, despite having always been rather positive towards their movies, I don’t think I will ever warm up to Jupiter Ascending which is a film so terribly weighed down with problems that it simply cannot be salvaged. Even though it has a bunch of interesting aspects, aesthetic elements and narrative concepts that in principle are at the very least intriguing, I could not look past the horribly heavy-handed world-building this movie is simply teeming with. It is honestly a wiki page adapted into a film and – since one of the co-hosts is probably the biggest Wachowski apologist on the planet (hi, Jak!) – I have encountered defiant opposition. I shall leave it there and encourage you to listen to the episode in full, which in a typical fashion ran quite long, but I promise you will find a lot of cool stuff to latch onto within it. We talked about the issues with the film, how and why they all came about and what (if anything) could be ever done to make Jupiter Ascending a better film, because – quite frankly – we don’t get to see too many original science-fiction/space opera stories these days, so I suppose for that reason alone Jupiter Ascending is worth your time. It’s an oddity in today’s climate and even though it’s almost impossible to love (though some do… hi, Jak!), a tip of the hat to the Wachowskis is in order for even daring to make it happen in the first place while Marvel and Disney continue to rule the roost.

Tune in and enjoy!

And of course, look out for more of the upcoming episodes in the “Circling The Matrix” series, which will conclude in December with a big Patreon-exclusive episode as well!

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