The Uncut Gems Podcast – Episode 31 – (Mission Impossible 2)

In this episode we discussed the much maligned sequel to Brian De Palma’s Mission Impossible, partly because it fits the profile of what we talk about on the show, but also because it was Nic’s birthday and he really wanted to chat about Mission Impossible 2. So we did just that.

In any case, we had an absolute ball talking about this John Woo-directed film, even though I have to say I had been initially apprehensive about it. Put it bluntly, I didn’t necessarily want to be the negative Nancy in the room and rain on Nic’s parade, as I distinctly remembered not being the biggest fan of this movie (despite really liking John Woo’s other American movies such as Hard Target, Face Off and Broken Arrow, all of which will eventually make their way onto the show). However, I had an absolute blast rewatching it and – as I explain in the show – it might be because it was the first time I watched it on its own, not as a follow-up to revisiting the original. So, as it turns out we ended up having quite an in-depth dive into this movie. We talked at length about Woo’s style, the massive production problems, the film’s own issues (most of which I find weirdly charming) and the rising star of Tom Cruise for whom this movie might have been the crucial point of no return that turned him into a bona fide action superstar despite it not really living up to the expectations of fans. So go ahead and give this episode a listen. Hopefully you’ll have as much fun listening as we had talking about this wonderful gem from the turn of the century.

Tune in and enjoy!

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