The Uncut Gems Podcast – Episode 19 (1941)

I have always thought of Steven Spielberg as a universally-liked and appreciated director. Well, I was wrong.

If you tune in to the last episode of The Uncut Gems Podcast you will find out there are some folks out there – armed with mics, too – who think Spielberg should be knocked down a peg. Granted, he hasn’t been making the greatest movies for a long while, but does he deserve to be seen as a peddler of schmaltz? Is he one-note? I personally think he should be appreciated for making some of the greatest movies in history and we sure get to that during the course of the conversation. On the other hand, where we do seem to have a consensus is the quality of 1941 as a film. I don’t want to risk being hyperbolic by saying we tore this movie to shreds, but it came darn close. So, for the time being let’s just say that 1941 is a bona fide mess and a curiosity in Spielberg’s career. However, as is the case with many films we discuss on the show, I am happy that it exists because without it we wouldn’t have such a great conversation. So tune in and find out for yourself!

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