The Uncut Gems Podcast – Episode 15 (Solo – A Star Wars Story)

So, May The Fourth was last week. And although it has never meant too much to me – I don’t need an excuse to watch Star Wars films, this year I made an exception. Actually, a handful of exceptions.

Not only did we record a brand new inaugural episode of CLAPPER DEBATES (available exclusively over at our Patreon page), where we went on for over three hours trying to hash out which is the best film in the series and what the future holds for this long-running franchise – we also settled on marking this occasion by talking about Solo – A Star Wars Story in the episode of The Uncut Gems Podcast. Now, I will come clean and say it was my idea to do it, since you will quickly find out almost everyone came thoroughly prepared to pour vitriol on this movie… which is in itself an interesting experience and it is definitely not for me to adjudicate whether somebody else’s opinion is better than mine or vice versa. However, what this conversation precipitated – apart from a short-lived period of extremely low mood for yours truly – was a more serious chat about the moral ramifications of supporting Disney in anything they do these days. So definitely check out this episode and join our conversation about Star Wars, Solo, and Disney. But be prepared to enter some truly murky waters of moral dilemmas and personal crises of conscience.

Word of note, though: it turns out that Apple Podcasts has refused to add this episode to the list. I wouldn’t normally comment on this from a behind-the-scenes perspective, but I think it deserves some kind of commentary. As much as good folks at Anchor are very helpful and on the ball when it comes to responding to queries and solving issues, the same cannot be said about Apple Podcast support, which takes ages to respond (as of this moment they still have not responded to my query). So, if you have subscribed through Apple, I honestly don’t know if this episode is available to you. And I don’t know if the next one will distribute there either. Or – and this is where I am putting on my tinfoil hat – Apple bots have suspended the episode because of some comments made in the conversation that may have put Apple in slightly unfavorable light. I don’t know. But hang tight and for now maybe listen to the show through other platforms until this issue is fixed.


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