Uncut Gems Podcast – Episode 09 (Never Let Me Go)

In case you don’t know, the latest episode of our show has dropped on all major platform just a few short days ago (read official PR here). In the episode we ended up having quite a profound discussion about Mark Romanek’s Never Let Me Go, which truly traversed the spectrum of themes from pondering our legacy as humans, scaling down the idea of intelligent design and even morality of veganism.

So, please do have a listen to the show when you have a minute. But – word of warning – also please make an effort to watch the film (and/or read the book it is based on) before listening. Although the story isn’t necessarily mystery-oriented or reliant on a major twist (despite the trailers making it look as though it was the case), our conversation is most definitely rich in details that could inform your experience and I do believe there is an added benefit to going into this film (almost) completely cold.

However, this isn’t what I wanted to do here because apart from simply trying to amplify the show and help it develop an audience I wanted to use this opportunity to compartmentalize some of the many thoughts I continue to have after seeing this film. Now, I have seen it a number of times now but only on this most recent watch (which may also be bolstered by the fact I am now roughly at the age the characters in the story are) it touched me in the most profound way. Not many films manage to do it in such a powerful way, but this one did. Maybe it is a combination of the place I am at in my own life and how my worldview has shifted over the years, but – spoiler alert – Never Let Me Go is now one of my absolute favourite films of all time. In fact, I am currently working on a feature article that I will hopefully publish on CLAPPER where I’ll try to explore one major facet of this film that revealed itself to me this time. So, if you are interested, keep your eyes peeled. And of course listen to the show, follow on Twitter and Instagram and maybe consider supporting the project!


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