The Uncut Gems Podcast – Episodes 05 (Alien Nation, Bright) and 06 (Glass)

It dawned on me just now that I totally forgot to share the recent episodes of The Uncut Gems Podcast over here in addition to their usual PR. And it just so happens that these two episodes were absolutely wild (for two different reasons). So, please have a listen to our conversation on Alien Nation and Bright, two high-concept sci-fi buddy cop movies separated by three decades. I found it extremely fun to engage with these films, even though I didn’t like one of them (you guess which one); however, the conversation these two movies sparked was super fun, even though it eventually descended into chaos. So tune in and enjoy!

And when you are done, why don’t you jump in and listen to our latest episode where we tackled M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass. Now, as you may or may not know, I consider myself a bit of a Shyamalan apologist, or shyapologist for short, but still Glass remains one of those films that I simply cannot get on board with. Which, ironically enough, put me on the defensive in the recording because it turned out I had to square off against not one, not two, but three diehard fans of this movie who would not listen to reason! What ensued was almost four hours of screaming, shouting, name-calling and heavens-know-what-else that truly evades the definition of an adult conversation. But it is an absolute tonne of fun to listen to so tune in and join the debate. Though, a word of warning is in order: this episode may or may not contain spoilers for absolutely every single one of Shyamalan’s other movies.


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