The Uncut Gems Podcast – Episode 03: Convoy

In addition to the official PR piece you can find over at CLAPPER, here is a handful of thoughts to accompany what is now the third episode of our new show, The Uncut Gems Podcast.

I cannot hide the fact this is probably one of the only things that keeps me going in these trying times and I am genuinely looking forward to sitting down to chat with my good friends about movies nobody else seems to care about. These evenings are consistent highlights of my week and this one, when we talked about Sam Peckinpah’s Convoy (and Smokey and the Bandit too, for good measure), is certainly no exception. We have tried our best to decode this film’s complicated legacy, discussed its troubled production and pondered its cultural impact as a counterculture post-western that owes just as much to The Wild Bunch as it does to Easy Rider. So, I hope you will have a good time listening to us rant about testosterone cinema! Enjoy!

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