The Uncut Gems Podcast – Episode 02: Assassination Nation

Episode 2 of our new podcast is now live! I thought I might as well start sharing this here too: (a) to increase visibility of the show and (b) maybe to offer a few notes of personal commentary on this whole project. After all, even though we are working as a team on this, The Uncut Gems Podcast is a bit of a baby of mine, so I think it’s not exactly inappropriate to document the process of expanding my own horizons from being a film writer to a podcaster as well.

I am happy to report that we have successfully recorded and published our conversation about Sam Levinson’s Assassination Nation (my original review can be found here for reference) which turned out to be way more vivid and energetic that I could have honestly expected. As we ranted passionately about the multitude of themes buried in this dolled-up-as-a-genre-piece social satire, we have touched on quite a variety of subjects this movie tackles one way or another: from social media to privacy, to public perception, identity politics and much, much more. So, I can only invite you to have a listen, rate, comment, subscribe and help the show find its audience.

I fully realize these are early days and the show is very much a DIY experiment I am improving and polishing using the strategy of small incremental steps. So I don’t think it’s wise to expect amazing production value out of this just yet; however, what you will find in this recording is an immense passion for cinema and a drive to talk about movies nobody else seems interested in discussing any more. Enjoy!


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