Celebrating Halloween on Clapper

To mark this year’s Halloween, together with other writers at CLAPPER we have banded together to write a series of articles celebrating the genre of horror.

Below you will find links to three pieces I authored as part of this series, but be sure to check out CLAPPER to read the rest, as well as to enjoy more written word about cinema.

Jaws The Revenge: A Cult-less Classic?

“[…]it is possible to see the fourth and final installment in the Jaws franchise as an incidental meta-commentary on its own lasting greatness and successful planting of roots within the zeitgeist of the era. In all honesty, this might be the only way to excuse this film’s raging inadequacies in a way that does not rely on the viewer’s own nostalgic connection to it. Jaws: The Revenge more or less works as a fan-produced sequel to Jaws and an accidental parody at the same time.” (Read the article on CLAPPER)

Child’s Play: Persistent Hitchcockian Effectiveness

“It is not just an origin story to an iconic villain who went on to haunt nightmares of adolescent viewers who stumbled upon this film while perusing their local video rental stores. It’s a bona fide love letter to one of the most influential voices of the genre, Alfred Hitchcock, and a tip of the hat to an entire array of potent works of cinema.” (Read the article on CLAPPER)

The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari: A Century Of Influence, With A Twist

“It is almost unimaginable to comprehend that already in 1920, when the medium of cinema was just about learning to walk and had yet to figure out how to speak, such singular gems of artistic genius were crafted. Already shortly after its initial release, the film’s potential was recognized as an early example of cinema being used as an outlet of high art, as opposed to a glorified carnival trick it initially originated as. And suffice it to say that The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari would grow to influence the art of filmmaking in more ways than one.”  (Read the article on CLAPPER)



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