Uncut Gems Podcast (September – November 2022 Round-Up)

The last three months over at Uncut Gems Podcast ended up becoming a colourful assortment of double and triple bills, some more connected than others. Nonetheless, what connected them all was that we had immense fun while recording these conversations! Here they are!

In September, we kicked off the month by devoting two episodes to a pair of 1974 movies starring James Caan that perhaps deserve a lot more attention than they have received thus far from modern audiences: Freebie and the Bean and The Gambler.

Episode 85 (Freebie and the Bean)

Episode 86 (The Gambler)

We then proceeded to cleanse our palates by wondering if there is a marriage therapy somewhere within The River Wild and if David Strathairn is perhaps a stealth lead in the movie.

Episode 87 (The River Wild)

We closed September by embarking on a short collaboration with Death by Adaptation podcast (Nicolo’s own show) where we talked about Jackie Brown. Therefore, we decided to talk about a few other Elmore Leonard adaptations as well to get a better picture of the man’s take on gritty noir. As a tie-in we chose to discuss Hombre, Leonard’s early western adapted into a Paul Newman vehicle directed by Martin Ritt. We also recorded a mini-retrospective on three neo-noir movies directed by the Coen Brothers.

Episode 88 (52 Pickup)

Episode 89 (Out of Sight)

Bonus Tie-in 09 (Hombre) (full episode on Patreon)

Retrospective 08 (The Coens vs Noir) (full episode on Patreon)

We then proceeded to uphold one of the oldest movie-watching traditions and devoted the month of October to horror movies and garnished these conversations with a complement of bonus discussions available on our Patreon.

Episode 90 (Flesh for Frankenstein and Blood for Dracula)

We spent a few episodes talking about the legacy left behind by Tobe Hooper’s seminal classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre as we talked about its 1986 sequel as well as Dan Aykroyd’s Nothing but Trouble.

Episode 91 (Nothing But Trouble)

Episode 92 (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2)

Bonus Tie-in 10 (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre) (full episode on Patreon)

Episode 93 (Suspiria 2018)

Bonus Tie-in 11 (Suspiria 1977) (full episode on Patreon)

In November, we concocted a themed double bill of episodes where we talked about martial arts movies directed by actors-turned-directors in their debuts. And we also treated this as enough of an excuse to record a bonus discussion about Enter the Dragon.

Episode 94 (The Quest)

Episode 95 (Man of Tai Chi)

Bonus Tie-in 12 (Enter the Dragon) (full episode on Patreon)

Finally, we closed off the month of November by talking by the largely forgotten action thriller Toy Soldiers about terrorists taking over a prep school. Also, it seemed fitting to pair it up with a bonus discussion about Dead Poets Society where a prep school is invaded by a different kind of terror – the terror of free thinking.

Episode 96 (Toy Soldiers)

Bonus Tie-in 13 (Dead Poets Society) (full episode on Patreon)

Last but not least, our David Lynch Marathon continued unabated as we ventured into the 2000s with conversations about The Straight Story, Mulholland Drive, and Inland Empire.

David Lynch Marathon 10 (The Straight Story) (full episode on Patreon)

David Lynch Marathon 11 (Mulholland Drive) (full episode on Patreon)

David Lynch Marathon 12 (Inland Empire) (full episode on Patreon)


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