The Uncut Gems Podcast – Episode 49 (End of Days)

Universal/Buena Vista

In this episode of the show we marked the arrival of 2022 by talking about the devil. And photos in pickle jars. And corpses in hydromassage bathtubs. In other words, we trained our sights on Peter Hyams’ 1999 Arnie vehicle End of Days.

Being completely honest, and also as a self-confessed Schwarzenegger apologist, this was a movie I barely remembered seeing, so I approached it with a fair degree of trepidation. However, I emerged thoroughly entertained by what I witnessed. Sure, this isn’t The Terminator or Predator but there’s a lot meat on this genre bone for you to bite off and chew. And in fact, I might concoct a little article inspired by this conversation, so stay tuned for that. For now, I hope you enjoy listening to us talk about this movie, praise its victories as a vestige of an era of practical stunt-based filmmaking that was already on its deathbed, and naturally nit-pick this movie to death with our tongues pressed firmly into our cheeks. It’s a fun little romp that just asks to be taken apart and examined as a sum of its inspirations, a cocktail of winks and nudges and a veritable treasure troves of goofy things to pick out and have a good hearty laugh about.

Tune in and enjoy!

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