The Uncut Gems Podcast – Episode 28 (Sunshine)

In this episode of the show we have tackled a movie that is truly close to my heart, Danny Boyle’s Sunshine. Without a shadow of a doubt, this belongs in the portfolio of cinematic comfort food that I periodically come back to and – pardon the pun – bask in the sunshine that emanates from the screen when the film is on.

I know this is just my personal opinion on this, but Sunshine is an honestly amazing piece of science-fiction which I tried my level best to articulate over the course of our discussion. In the end, I think we did this movie justice by respectfully addressing its (alleged) flaws, commenting on its position within the landscape of popular culture and pointing to how it potentially influenced other works of art. Honestly, Claire Denis must have watched Sunshine in preparation to make High Life, I can’t see any way around it. In any case, we touched on quite a lot of aspects of this movie, from its genre roots to Boyle’s directorial proclivities, Garland’s great writing, the chemistry between the cast and – of course – John Murphy’s score, which has entered the canon of trailer cliché for a good reason. Because it’s great, bombastic and unforgettable. This whole film is unforgettable, metaphysical and extremely smart in the way it smuggles a cerebral conversation into a film whose raison d’etre is seemingly to be a spectacle. Join us in our worship of the eternal god – The Sun.

Tune in and enjoy!

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