The Uncut Gems Podcast – Episode 14 (Krull)

It doesn’t seem to happen very often, but last week’s episode of The Uncut Gems Podcast was about a film that I had not seen before. And of course, I totally forgot to share it here as well, as though I didn’t care about increasing the reach of the very show I have poured my blood into. But here we are.

Even though this episode is officially the shortest we have ever recorded (clocking in at just under one hour), I personally think it’s very solid because we managed to stay mostly on the ball and cut deep into the film’s fabric. So, if you have a minute, have a listen hear us talk about this film’s utterly bizarre roots as a second-generation Star Wars offshoot and an early example of what later became a genre of 80s fantasy. We discuss the film’s lavish production design, ridiculousness of its plotting and the sheer campiness of the experience of watching it. And – as a little bonus – I was able to dig out an interesting connection tying Krull to James Cameron’s Aliens which was released three years later. So be sure to tune in and find out what this connection was!



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