Palm Springs (2020)

Even though Max Barbakow and Andy Siara, who co-wrote the screenplay to this film with the former taking on the responsibility of a director, were allegedly inspired by Jungian psychology and driven by their love for self-aware mumblecore comedy, it is impossible to escape the simple fact that the biggest inspiration imprinted on Palm Springs is the Harold Ramis-directed … Continue reading Palm Springs (2020)

The Uncut Gems Podcast – Episode 13 (Alien 3 and Pitch Black)

I know it’s a bit nerdy and perhaps even redundant or openly accommodating the idea of massive corporations dictating to me I should get excited about their products, but it’s Alien Day. And since many other holidays I grew up observing are just as made up as this one, it really doesn’t make a difference, … Continue reading The Uncut Gems Podcast – Episode 13 (Alien 3 and Pitch Black)

The Dissident (2020)

On the 2nd of October 2018, the news travelled the globe at the speed of light about a man who went into a Saudi consulate and was never heard from again. In the hours and days that followed, I am sure we have all been paying attention – to a varying degree – at how this … Continue reading The Dissident (2020)

The Uncut Gems Podcast – Episode 10 (Congo)

Although in the grand scheme of things it might not be the best thing to celebrate, I thought it was worthwhile to point out we have successfully released ten episodes of The Uncut Gems Podcast. Gosh, it makes me feel like a teenager in a first serious relationship celebrating x months together…

Peninsula (2020)

Ahh, the age-old question: how do you make a zombie film series feel fresh? (pun intended). Funny as it may be, nobody seems to have an answer to this question. Sure, there have been some great examples of that (e.g. Dawn of the Dead) but the statistical sample is still too small to give any hints … Continue reading Peninsula (2020)


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