Fantastic Planet (1973)

When it was originally released in 1973, Fantastic Planet immediately attracted considerable attention from critics who praised its surreal atmosphere, singular animation style and design. Undeniably, a good chunk of the reason why this film instantly became (and perhaps continues to be) a bottomless well for interpretation is owed to the artistic stamp left by Roland Topor. … Continue reading Fantastic Planet (1973)

I Care a Lot (2020)

Some films are results of a burning passion to tell a great story. Some come from a bleeding soul trying to describe extremely complex emotions using the language of moving images. Some come from more simple desires to offer entertainment to their audiences (and there’s nothing wrong with that). And then, there are some that … Continue reading I Care a Lot (2020)

Greenland (2020)

I have to admit that when I was sitting down to watch Greenland, I wasn’t really expecting much. In fact – I have to come clean – I was more or less looking forward to ‘veging out’ on a Saturday night while looking at Gerard Butler (for whom I do have a bit of a soft spot) … Continue reading Greenland (2020)

Malcolm & Marie (2021)

When Assassination Nation received a decidedly warm reception in Sundance 2018, Sam Levinson – who wrote and directed it – most likely did not anticipate his moment in the sun was going to be short-lived. Despite a generally positive critical consensus (with a few scathing takedowns peppered in the mix as well), the film did not become … Continue reading Malcolm & Marie (2021)


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