New Order (2020)


The release of Michel Franco’s New Order in his home country of Mexico caused a considerable stir. Even ahead of the official premiere, the short trailer accompanying the movie was enough to draw the ire of certain, more progressive, sections of the Mexican society and – without anyone having seen the movie in question – New Order was dismissed as racist, insensitive and opportunistic. This blew out of all proportions when Franco himself picked up the mic and defended himself against what I can only imagine was a slew of ad hominem attacks hurled by anonymous trolls on Twitter. And hence, a narrative was crystallized. After all, despite often claiming otherwise, most people are unlikely to change their minds even when faced with evidence to the contrary, so quite expectedly, New Order ended up critically derided in Mexico. And even though it received much warmer reviews elsewhere, it has been permanently perfumed with the noticeable scent that screams ‘problematic’.  

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