Infinity Pool (2023)

Some movies are strange in that they are much more pleasurable to think about and talk about than they are to actually watch. Brandon Cronenberg’s most recent exploit Infinity Pool not only fits this description, but also helps to define the boundaries of its usefulness by veering to its most extreme interpretation.  

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Pearl (2022)

I don’t think I’d exaggerate by admitting that nobody expected – having emerged from a screening of X last year – that not only Ti West would be expanding this seemingly self-contained piece of homage to the 1970s exploitation cinema into a series of films, but that the film in question had already been filmed. On one hand, the generous dopamine release afforded by West’s movie filled me with a sense of excited anticipation. On the other, however, I wasn’t quite sure the material was malleable enough to sustain more than one story.  

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X (2022)


Ti West and Rob Zombie are two sides of the same coin. Although superficially their movies do not look alike at all, their connected at the hip because both filmmakers through their work express similar emotions; only differently. And X might be the definitive lynchpin between them.  

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