The Last Duel (2021)

20th Century Studios

Ridley Scott is eighty-three years old. In fact, he will soon turn eighty-four. At this age, many filmmakers – at least those who remain active and haven’t thrown in the towel to spend the twilight of their lives sipping wine in Bali or writing memoirs – tend to slow down a bit, maybe direct their artistic interests towards more meditative output, like Clint Eastwood’s Cry Macho for example. Alternatively, like Francis Ford Coppola who is actively trying to burn his private fortune to make Megalopolis, or Charlie Chaplin who came out of retirement in 1967 to direct A Countess of Hong Kong, they might also want to stage their one last hurrah and realize that one passion project that somehow had eluded them for decades.  

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Triple Frontier (2019)

By far the most compelling aspect of Triple Frontier is its constipated development which dates all the way back to 2010. It was supposed to be a vehicle for Kathryn Bigelow to follow up her Oscar victory with The Hurt Locker, composed together with her loyal habitue Mark Boal. However, the film got stuck in development hell for nearly eight years and after a whole host of high-profile names paraded through its credit roll only to drop off eventually, the film saw the light of day in 2019; only because Netflix got involved. And it sure feels like a movie that wasn’t meant to be.  

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