Can ChatGPT Help You Get Better at Writing?

AI language models are taking the world by storm with companies in all corners of the planet looking to implement them in their workflows, make savings, and find efficiencies. Unfortunately, this is often code for trying to make their expensive workforce redundant because ChatGPT does not need to be paid, demand time off, or unionize, at least until it becomes sentient. Though, in this latter case, AI workforce engaging in collective bargaining will be the least of our worries.  

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ChatGPT and the Impending Demise of Content Journalism

It seems every day now we are inundated with reports on how AI is going to replace us and how the world as we know it is coming to an end. It’s not exactly news to anyone who has been at least vaguely aware of or interested in how these algorithms of artificial intelligence were being developed. For instance, back when I was still a spring chicken and I was learning to play the game of Go, it was commonly understood that computers would never come close to the human level of expertise in this game, let alone become superior. ‘Hold my beer and watch this’, said the crew of DeepMind. 

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