Don’t Look Up (2021)


I think it goes without saying that Adam McKay’s movies are about as subtle as a fart in a bathtub and despite their seemingly wide-reaching appeal, their purpose may not be that obvious. Even though he has made a departure from making out-and-out comedies like The Other Guys or Anchorman and moved towards making socially and politically aware satires like The Big Short and Vice, it is my belief that viewers by and large did not attune themselves to what he is currently doing, which is why his movies are weirdly polarizing. And his latest outing, Don’t Look Up, is no different in this regard. 

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The Trial Of The Chicago 7 (2020)

Taking a politically-charged subject and turning it into a film rarely happens by way of sheer inertia. There is a reason why Steven Spielberg’s The Post, a modern-day companion piece to All The President’s Men, was released at the time that it was. Similarly, Spike Lee didn’t just happen upon the story of Ron Stallworth and turned it into the eponymous BlacKkKlansman. By no means do I want to insinuate any degree of cynical opportunism was involved in creating these movies, though some filmmakers do fall into this category; what I am trying to articulate is the simple fact that filmmakers and storytellers are sentient resonance boxes capable of capturing and amplifying the sound of the zeitgeist.  

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