Understanding Michael Haneke: Funny Games (1997)

Having transitioned to the cinematic format from television, Michael Haneke immediately embarked on a long-winded quest to critique the malaise he observed within the Austrian society of the time. This came to be known as The Glaciation Trilogy and encompassed his first three features released theatrically: The Seventh ContinentBenny‚Äôs Video and 71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance. Even though the three films are only bound together by an overarching clinically detached tone and a set of loosely woven threads, such as a scathing takedown of the wealthier classes unable to find humanity and compassion within their lives, or a detrimental role of the omnipresent media, they nonetheless set the tone for what would later become a monolithic filmography driven by a single cause (or an obsession).  

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